Puzzle 9 – Show me the Power

Puzzle 9

Scum list // First Order list // VASSAL file

And we’re back from a 2-week hiatus as I caught up on real life obligations. Wave 2 hype is REAL folks and I’ve got a number of Wave 2 puzzles queued up to get you used to the new ships. The next puzzles will be strictly Hyperspace — sorry, no more Whisper puzzles for now 😦 — but I intend to do more Extended as well in the future.

Today we find out what kind of crazy shenanigans ensue once you combine Supernatural Reflexes with Autothrusters. Throw in Kylo’s ability and you have one tough number. In this puzzle the Scum player has killed Quickdraw and Malarus for a total of 96 points. The First Order player has killed Seevor and brought both Boba and Fenn down to half points, netting them 110 points. In the last round of shooting Fenn finally struck gold with a 5-dice shot. Having only managed to strip Kylo’s shields, Kylo in return showed him the Panicked Pilot. Kylo earlier also handed a Blinded Pilot to Boba. There are 5 minutes left in the round. The Scum player is first player (regretting that Qi’ra yet, Scum? 0-0-0 is gone, time to give up on the Crew slot). The Scum player needs to somehow peg down a pre-positioning, force-using ace, and time is ticking fast!

Solution to last puzzle: Whisper 101.


Puzzle 8 – Whisper 101


Rebel list // Imperial list // VASSAL file

Whisper. She’s a real tricky number. But so is this advanced sensors/daredevil Corran! In this game we have a 1-hull Corran remaining against a 1-hull cloak n’ choke Whisper. The Rebel player has killed 140 points while the Imperial player has killed 155. There are 30 seconds on the clock: Whisper will choose to cloak or not, then there will be 1 final round. Corran moves first. Today’s puzzle asks: can Whisper can reduce Corran’s chances of winning to 0%? Or does Corran have a move which guarantees arc on Whisper? Else what are the chances that Corran will catch Whisper in arc, and what are the optimal moves to do so?

The best replies on the FFG forums, Reddit, or on the Xwing Puzzle Club blog site will be added as solutions to the blog post!

Answer to last puzzle:  Dice of Derring-Do

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Puzzle 7 – Dice of Derring-Do

Puzzle 7.png

Leebo list // Corran list // VASSAL file

Today’s puzzle is pretty straightforward and comes from my game night last Thursday where I was trying out Leebo-Luke. My opponent on the other hand had a cool Daredevil Corran/ARC Norra/Wedge list and a moment came up in the game which I thought would make a good ‘easy puzzle’ since it doesn’t involve many elements. Everything is about to explode here (except Leebo who was very tanky this match). The puzzle begins in the ACTIVATION PHASE. The Corran player has initiative. Leebo turned in to block the Tallon Roll and punish a 4-K. Norra heads forward and barrels in hoping to hopefully get arc on Luke. Corran comes in hoping to get a shot on Luke. Luke activates but can’t use Supernatural Reflexes since he is stressed. Luke must now decide on his action! Wedge has yet to activate. The puzzle for today asks: How should Luke spend his action? His S-foils are open and he has 1 force charge! For the benefit of discussion I will simply say: Yes, Corran has arc on Luke, Luke has arc on Corran, and Norra has arc on Luke!

Best replies on Reddit, the Forums, and the Blog will be posted below.

Solution to last puzzle: Force Fam Continue reading “Puzzle 7 – Dice of Derring-Do”

Puzzle 6 – Force Fam


Imperial list // Rebel list // VASSAL file

Today we’ve got a bad case of either infanticide or fratricide. But which will it be? Rexler, Wedge, and Sabine have been wiped from the board, netting each player 101 points. Believe it or not the game is a tie so far! There are 15 minutes left in the match.  Both pilots are full on force, Vader has not expended a single Afterburners charge, while Luke has open S-foils, 1 Proton Torp charge, and 1 R2 Astromech charge. Both players have already managed to grab locks on one another. It’s a battle of force and wits.

Solution to last puzzle: Fun Condition

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Puzzle 5 – Fun Condition

Puzzle 5 - Fun Condition

Imperial list // Rebel list // VASSAL file

[Note: This match is from Corscuant so Leia Organa and Ruthless cost 0 points!]

Like puzzle 3, today we have another early game problem from Coruscant. In this match we saw on the Gold Squadron stream Nathan Eide put on a masterclass of playing to your win condition. The game played out with an aggressive Tyler Tippet taking the fight to the top board in a vain pursuit of Luke. This turned out to be a problematic approach, playing into Nathan’s win condition. In the last moments of play Nathan was able to fire Proton Torps from Luke into Whisper netting Nathan enough points to grant him victory. For today’s puzzle I ask: How do you open in Turn 1 and set up the game to play to your win condition?

Solution to last puzzle: Fight or Flight Phantoms

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Puzzle 4 – Fight or Flight Phantoms


Scum list // Imperial list // VASSAL file

2 Sigma Squadron Aces remain after a fierce battle of out-positioning. Only Boba remains for the Scum player. In the opening exchange of the match the phantoms  managed to shave off 3 of Boba’s shields before moving on to squash the 1-agility 4-Lom. The phantoms have just this round deleted the pesky Palob, but Sigma Squadron #2 lost their evade token and shields for the effort. The Imperial player has killed 104 points while the Scum player has killed 100 points. There are 10 minutes left in the match. The Imperial player is the first player. Boba has 1 charge remaining on his Seismic Charges upgrade. We begin in the end phase.

Solution to last puzzle: 2 Swarms go to Coruscant

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Puzzle 3 – 2 Swarms go to Coruscant

What’s that? A puzzle based off a real game? Yeah, it’s something I’ll try to do as much as possible. This one comes from the Top 32 Coruscant match between William Haigwood and Blair Bunke as seen on the Gold Squadron stream.

Haigwood vs Bunke

Rebel list // Scum list // Vassal file

[NOTE]: These lists were flown at Coruscant, so Boba Fett Crew and Leia Organa Crew cost 0 points.

We have reached the end of the place forces step of the setup phase. The scum player now has two choices: they may select any obstacle and place it elsewhere with Tobias Beckett; then, at the end of the setup phase, they may place Jakku Gunrunner #1 at range 0 of an obstacle and beyond range 3 of any enemy ship. What do you do?

Solution to last puzzle: Fang in Vain Continue reading “Puzzle 3 – 2 Swarms go to Coruscant”

Puzzle 2 – Fang in vain?


Rebel list here // Scum list here // VASSAL file here

Slight variation of Puzzle 1. This time Wedge has 1 stress and Fenn is in a tighter spot. As before, time has been called and it is the planning phase of the last round. The Rebel player has half-pointed Fenn and killed Old Teroch and Palob for a total of 150 points. The Scum player has killed Luke and half-pointed both Wedge and Dutch for a total of 141 points. Fenn moves second. Fenn needs to kill something to win! What does Wedge do? What does Fenn do? What does Dutch do?

Solution to last puzzle: Fang Glory

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Puzzle 1 – Fang Glory

Welcome to the first Puzzle of the Xwing Puzzle Club! Let’s get things started with an easy one.


Scum list here  // Rebel list here // VASSAL file here

Time has been called and it is the planning phase of the last round. The Rebel player has half-pointed Fenn and killed Old Teroch and Palob for a total of 150 points. The Scum player has killed Luke and half-pointed both Wedge and Dutch for a total of 141 points. Fenn moves second. Fenn needs to kill something to win!

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